Bagelmunchers in the Third Reich.

   Here we have Third Reich inventiveness at its best – the portable bagel oven. These portable bagel ovens were used to keep holidaying kikes supplied with bagels in an emergency and also at some of the larger kike Bagel Festivals.
   These bagel ovens had a prodigious output considering their size and could be operated by a three man team of bagel bakers and a stoker.

   Here we have three hooknosed hebe bagel bints happily working away in the packing room of a Bagel Bakery.

   Here we have three happy hooknosed hebe bagel delivery boys delivering some big bagels. These kikes are happy doing this job, working close to bagels brings joy into the life of a yid. Notice the asiatic features of the kike on the right, he could almost pass for a gook. Hebes are descended from an ancient gook race and also have simian ancestors as well. A pure breed they are not.

   Here we have a close up of a hooknosed kike parasite, "Moshe", he is a bagel addict. He would sell his mother for bagels.
   Bagel addiction is incurable and as the entire kike species suffers from it the Germans had to ensure a continuous supply of them if the Holiday Camp system was to function as planned. Luckily the Germans are great planners and inventors so this was only a small problem to them and many kikes went away on free vacations with a continual supply of fresh bagels.
   Hebes even worship the Great Bagel in the Sky as part of their satanic Talmud rituals. 666 bagels being the magic number for Hanukah, a kike festival in which they rejoice and give thanks for bagels.
   Bagels are central to the spiritual well being of the parasitic hooknosed kikes and they have worshipped them from time immemorial.

   Here we have a picture of a group of happy hebes awaiting a bagel delivery, nothing like a delivery of bagels to keep the kikes happy.