Assorted Images
Kike Vermin.

   Don't these pieces of parasitic hebe vermin look harmless? Fact is these parasites were planning the downfall of Germany even though the Third Reich were generous enough to be organizing free holidays for all members of their species.
   These money grubbing parasites were worried by the Third Reich's economic miracle and the fact that they were excluded from making any profit from it. The yid controlled (and still does) the purse strings of the world. Adolf Hitler's Third Reich accomplished an amazing turn around in the German economy and the hebes were not included in the plan. They resented this so much they called on kikedom world-wide to boycott German goods in 1933 and after this failed to prevent German economic recovery they engineered their zionist controlled governments in the west to make war with Germany which was the lone bastion in Europe prepared to battle with the kike inspired communist doctrine of Russia.

   The hooknosed parasite is a menace to the civilized world. If one digs deep enough one finds that the hebes also had a hand in WW1 which is not really suprising considering their hopes of world domination. The kike is a supreme manipulator who will even change political doctrines if it advances his cause.
   The only thing that stands between the yid and world domination is the White man and so the kikes are now in the process of attempting to destroy our race, something the evil chosenites must be prevented from achieving.

   One of the traits of the kike aside from extorting money from Whites is that they love to complain. This hooknosed shyster is moaning to the German officials that his bagels were not up to standard at breakfast.
   Bad bagels at breakfast mean that the yid will be in a foul mood all day and God help any gentile forced to do business with the thieving parasite for he will attempt to rip them off more than usual as the kike feels it will compensate him for having a bad day.
   It is truly remarkable that the kikes of today feel so much hatred for the Third Reich which attempted to do so much for them during the 1930's and 1940's. It just shows how twisted the reasoning this race of sub-human parasites are. Any normal race would have been very grateful for free holidays and bagels.

   So you thought that race mixing was new. Kikes have been at it for years, in fact the kike is not a pure blooded sub-human but is part ape mixed with an old asiatic species of sub-human.
   There are also kikes who are really khazars, a breed of subhuman from Asia Minor which converted to judaism in the tenth century A.D. These are the present kikes which control occupied Palestine.
   Yes even in the time of the Third Reich the hooknosed kike was advocating associating with niggers and other mud races as the picture shows. We have two of the hooknosed tribe whooping it up with a couple of Blue Gummed Bubble Lipped Apes at a Nightclub. The hebes look really happy, this is because they have worked out if they can sell the idea of race mixing to the White race along with monkey log thumping music then they can make enormous profits and destroy the White race simultaneously thus helping them on the way to implementing their New World Order agenda and thus rule the world.

   This sign which reads "Jews Not Welcome in this Village" was common sight in the Reich in the 1930-40's and is perfectly understandable considering the kike call for a boycott on the German economy.
   It is remarkable that the German Government reacted to the hostile action of the hooknosed parasites by building Holiday Resorts and Health Spas and offering the kikes free holidays with free high quality bagels inclusive.
   Such is the generous nature of the White Race that the kikes seek to exploit it by using it to attempt to destroy us. Even the niggers are learning from the kikes and are attempting to use the kike methods to extort money and privileges in the White nations of the world. This combined with the yid conspiracy to flood the western world with mud races from the turd world is designed to cause the demise of the White race. It must be resisted at all costs and White people throughout the world must fight back and destroy this hooknosed threat to the civilized world.