Health Resorts
of the Third Reich.

   Auschwitz was not the only Holiday Camp and Health Spa built by the Third Reich for use by minorities. There was a complete system of splendid facilities built for the exclusive use of not only kikes but Gypos, even faggots and Political Opponents (commies). To this day the world does not appreciate the efforts of the Germans to make WW2 as pleasant as possible for these minorities who now defame the Third Reich despite its magnanimous gestures.

   This is a picture of the kike wrestling team from Chelmno with "Bonecrusher" Goldberg in the forefront.
   Holidaymakers were encouraged to participate in good wholesome healthy contact sports such as wrestling to encourage a community spirit and pride within one's minority.
   "Bonecrusher" Goldberg was second only to Rabbi Moshe Blomberg (the Wrestling Rabbi of Riga) in fame throughout the Holiday Camp Wrestling circuit of the Third Reich. These two formed a tag team that could have been Tag-Team (Parasiteweight) Champions of the World but for WW2 which was caused by Zionist interests.

   This is an image of the warehouse of Shylock & Sons Inc. at Auschwitz which is well stocked with clothing and shoes. Shylock & Sons had a thriving wholesale business throughout the whole Holiday Camp system where they provided goods at such low prices that kike retailers could afford to sell them on at less than wholesale. "Such a deal."
   It really is a mystery why the kikes of today are so critical of the Third Reich which worked so hard to bring happiness and contentment to this race of hooknosed parasites. One can only surmise that it is in their greedy parasitic nature.

   Here are a group of Gypos (gypsies) relaxing in the sun at Belzec. This shows that the Third Reich not only welcomed kikes into the Holiday camp and Health Spa system. These Gypos would have a better time of it here, not having to wander the countryside living in caravans, stealing from the citizenry where food and clothing was not as abundant. The big plus is they could get clothing here at below wholesale prices from the kike retailers who did a roaring trade.

   This kike bint got herself lost whilst on a winter holiday at Belzec whilst out walking in the snow. Notice how grateful she is to have been found by the SS who have saved her from certain death in the cold temperatures of the winter resort. This image shows that the SS really cared about their guests and went to great lengths to prevent any tragedies occurring to them.

   This is an image of a trainload of happy kikes arriving for their holiday at Chelmno Holiday Camp. The hebes really enjoyed themselves at the expense of the Third Reich. Nothing like a free holiday "hey Moshe" and the price was just right.
   Even the transport by train (kike class of course) was paid for by the Third Reich. "Oi Vey!" "Such a deal."

   Here are a group of hebes who are waiting to commence a cross country race at Belzec. The holiday camps encouraged participation in many healthy sports with cross country running only one of many.
   In fact Auschwitz had several first class football pitches. There were also plans for an inter-resort football league which had to be abandoned due to bombing by the zionist allied airforces.

   This is the kike log hauling team from Treblinka in training. They were Resort Champions two years in a row from 1943 to 1945. They were certainly a fit bunch of hebes that you would ever be likely to meet.
   At the conclusion of WW2 log hauling was abandoned as a sport and this team of hooknosed athletes disbanded much to the disappointment of team members who promptly faded into obscurity and went back to the kike habit of exploiting gentiles.

   This image is of the kike kindergarten at Auschwitz, you will note the fence to prevent the young hebes from wandering onto the adjacent railway line. The Third Reich took great pride in preventing anything happening to the children of their guests.
   The young hooknoses were entertained by kindly SS kindergarten teachers so the adult kikes could enjoy themselves shopping for bargains or participate in the many sports and activities that were available at the Holiday Camps and Health Spas. Such facilities were the finest in the Reich.
   It really is a shame that these wonderful facilities were abandoned after the Zionist victory of WW2, a wonderful system of Holiday Camps was destroyed, thus depriving hebes and other minorities of a chance of free holidays. To me this shows just how racist the zionists are unlike the Third Reich which attempted to look after their minorities. The Third Reich should be used as a model society by all Aryan nations and re-implemented at the first opportunity.

   The wonderful Holiday Camp system has been defamed by the kikes who have perpetrated a myth called the holocaust (hollowco$t) and are using it to extort billions of dollars from white people all over the world and to justify their occupation of Palestine.
   The kikes will continue to parasite on all whitemen, they have proved this time and time again. I say No More Chances for the kikes, let's drive them from the earth so that peace and prosperity will return to the white man, not to mention control of our own countries and destinies.

   Here we see an elderly sheenie being assisted by a courteous member of the German Army. The soldier is explaining to the elderley kike the benefits of taking a free holiday at one of the Health Resorts.
   The retired Bagel Salesman certainly looks interested especially as the soldier has just told him that the holiday is for free, it would not cost him one matzo. It is small wonder that hebes from all over Europe swarmed to the Holiday Camps in their thousands.