Hebes Having Fun
at the Holiday Camps.

   This is an image of happy hebes arriving at the Auschwitz Holiday Camp and Health Resort. They are all looking to a wonderful free holiday with the best bagels in the Reich and the less than wholesale priced bargain shopping that was available.
   Bargains for kikes that were available to the hebe holidaymakers in the Third Reich Holiday Camps have never been surpassed to this very day.

   Here are the hooknosed holidaymakers being lined up so they can be guided to their luxurious chalets by the friendly SS Holiday Hosts.
   A lot of the visiting hebes came from poorer European countries and were infested with typhus carrying parasites (ironic that parasites were hosting parasites) and consequently needed to be deloused on arrival at their dream holiday destination.

   Here we see the kike holidaymakers registering for their chalets after which they were deloused and then shown to their luxurious chalet accommodations.
   It is a tribute to German efficiency that so many holidaymakers could be processed in such little time. The kikes did not have very long to wait before their holiday of a lifetime commenced. This image was taken at Buchenwald Holiday Camp and was held outdoors so the yids could enjoy the sunshine, such was the German consideration for their parasitic guests.

   Even yiddish nudists were catered for, here we see a group of them having their hair done in warm Buchenwald sun.
   Notice the SS holiday guides are on hand to assist any holidaymaker who has a problem, it is this attention to detail which made sure the hebes thoroughly enjoyed their stay.
   Buchenwald was regarded as one of the premier holiday destinations and was right up there with Auschwitz as a great place to visit as far as the kikes were concerned

   Here are two chosenites at the Dachau Holiday Camp having themselves a little barbecue in the summer sun.
   The hebe on the left is wearing his high fashion striped suit which was made by Morris the Jew of Auschwitz and was highly prized by the kike holidaymakers.
   The kike on the right is wearing designer clothes made by "Moshe" of Belsen, a yid clothes designer who was famous throughout the Holiday Camp system.

   This is a group of happy hebesses peeling potatoes in preparation for a "Potato and Sauerkraut" party. The sauerkraut would have to be blessed by a Talmudic Torahthumper (Rabbi) of course so that it would be kosher.
   The kikes would have had many of these "parties" where vast amounts of potatoes, sauerkraut, bagels and yet more sauerkraut was consumed. Oy Vey such enjoyment.