Some Fun with the
Hebes in the Third Reich.

   Here we have a hooknosed hebe giving his friend a shave in public. His friend had probably complained about the itching caused by body lice which seem to thrive on the personage of jews. Kinda like parasites attracting parasites.
   Most people would shave at home but not the kike, if offered a free shave he would have it there and then lest his friend should change his mind and charge him for the service.

   Here we see a bunch of civic minded kikes voluntarily scrubbing the sidewalk in Warsaw in an effort to dispel what filth they really are. Of course this will not happen as kikes cannot keep up the pretence for very long.
   Hebes are the scum of the earth and their natural parasitism soon shines through. It is however gratifying to see these kikes doing a little manual work for a change.

   Here is a group of three happy parasites posing for a photograph with a Third Reich Holiday Camp Official. Notice the hebe on the left is attempting to relieve the itch from his body lice. Yids regard body lice as cousins as they are both parasites.

   Here we see a group of vermin hebes offering their Talmudic chants to the Great Bagel in the sky.
   Notice how the bemused German holiday camp officials allow the kikes to caterwaul and bob up and down hailing their respects to the Great Bagel whilst moaning about not making enough profit from the generous gentiles.

   This image shows another example of a public kike beard lopping. Those lice must have been driving this hebe crazy.
   Notice how the German holiday camp officials are taking a keen interest in the kike beard removal techniques.
   A skilful kike beard remover can accomplish the task in five minutes flat and some even faster. It must be the thousands of years of practice of attempting to escape the lice they attract that has honed these rare skills.

       Here we see a happy hebe and his young kikeling posing with a holiday camp attendant for a "happy snap". Yids will grab any opportunity for a photograph.

   Here we have a kike who has just been caught stealing bagels. The holiday attendant is giving him a swift kick up the arse for his indiscretion. Holiday Camp rules really frowned on theft and I doubt if this hebe would be too popular with other holidaying kikes either.
   Nothing serious would have happened to this kike, probably he would be told off and not allowed any matzos for a few days.

   This is a rare photograph of the Buttstein Brothers, a kike nude wrestling tag-team from Dortmund. Nude wrestling was popular among the jewish faggot community and was held in secret as the Third Reich disapproved of fudgepacking practices. Jews however have a propensity for anything that is anal and they are one of the prime movers of the Sausagejockey Rights movement of today.
   Kikes tend to view perversions as perfectly normal, in fact the Talmud encourages kikes to perform sex acts with children which they seem to think is quite normal. The Third Reich attempted to rectify this attitude but were prevented by the zionists who had caused other Aryan nations to go to war with Germany. That is the way of the kike, divert any attention from their perversions and ambitions by causing a fratricidal war.

   Here we see three kikes in a National Socialist Parade encouraging Germans to buy in German stores and to boycott shops that were owned by other hebes. This may seem to go against the kike trait of making maximum profits at the expense of the gentiles however these three had been told that their supply of bagels would be cut off for a month if they did not agree to perform this civic duty. It must be remembered that the hebes first declared a boycott of German goods in 1933 and this action by the Germans was in 1938 which shows the patience shown by the Germans toward this global parasite.