Heroes of the Third Reich.

   Welcome to the Heroes of the Third Reich Page. This image is of Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler reviewing SS troops who had the difficult task of making sure that kikes and other visitors to the Reich's Holiday resorts were well looked after as well as fighting a war against scumbag Zionist forces. They fought in all theatres of the war and really distinguished themselves on the Eastern Front where they gave the yid bolsheviks a lesson in fighting.

   Heinrich Himmler is seen here touring the Dachau Holiday Camp and Health Resort. His tireless inspections of the resorts ensured that the hebes and other guests of the Reich were ensured of high quality services, nothing was too great for the SS in their quest to keep their demanding guests happy.

   This image shows the ReichsfuhrerSS being shown a large detail model of the Dachau Holiday Camp and Health Spa with all its wonderful facilities which were provided for the use of kike, Gypo, faggot, Polack and other guests taking advantage of the Third Reich's free vacation scheme. Many sub-humans took advantage of this wonderful scheme.

   Here we have the tireless ReichfuhrerSS on yet another visit to a Holiday Camp, this time to the Plaztow resort.
   Himmler really worked hard at keeping the hebes who went on a Third Reich holiday happy and the jews owe him much for the happiness that he brought to them. But kikes are not noted for being grateful to gentiles and the evil kike parasites have defamed this wonderful human being for the last fifty five years which shows the true nature of the zionist vermin.

   Here we have Joseph Goebbels making a speech to enthusiastic onlookers. Goebbels was a talented orator although not on a par with the great Fuhrer himself.
   Even so it was Goebbels who through his wonderful speeches that whipped up the enthusiastic support of the yids to attend one of the Holiday Camps or Health Resorts when he announced that they were at no cost to the vacationer.

   Here again we observe Joseph Goebbels displaying his wonderful speechmaking talents.
   Here he is announcing to an enthusiastic crowd of Germans that the Sauerkraut tax is to be repealed and that facilities for the underprivileged hebes are to be built so that the kikes could experience free vacations. Such was the generosity of the Third Reich considering there was a world-wide depression at the time.

   Meet Reinhard Heydrich who was employed by Himmler's SS. Heydrich worked endless hours organizing the transport of kikes and others to the holiday resorts, a difficult task considering the vast total of yids who wished to avail themselves of the Third Reich's wonderful scheme. It was the no cost to the kike that caused a great rush by the hebes to get away to these premium vacation spots as soon as possible.

   Here we see Julius Streicher (standing on vehicle footboard) inspecting members of the Hitler Youth (Jugend) Movement marching past.
   The National Socialists of Germany took great pride in their youth and encouraged them in all aspects of social life, a far cry from the filthy zionist governments of today who do exactly the opposite by encouraging Aryan youth to racemix and imitate the imported African Primates (Niggers). It would be glorious and most beneficial to the world if similar men could once again rise and remove the vermin zionists from this planet. One day soon this will happen.

   This is Alfred Rosenberg receiving a warm welcome on one of his many visits to one of the towns in the Third Reich.
   Rosenberg loved to travel and he loved to encourage others to do so. It was this enthusiasm that led to him becoming one of the architects of the Third Reich Holiday scheme for the hooknosed parasite kike who he had observed seem to take very little vacation time as they were too busy trying to fleece the general population of their savings and property.

   This is a portrait shot of Alfred Rosenberg. He was a great humanist who worked hard to ensure that the kikes managed to get a decent vacation.
   He was not in the public spotlight as much as other wonderful heroes of the Third Reich such as Heinrich Himmler or Joseph Goebbels but his work behind the scenes was of incalculable value.
   It was Rosenberg's idea that Bagel production should be increased to help keep the kikes happy. He assisted Heinrich Himmler ensure that the latest methods of bagel production were acquired and that the quality of the bagels was kept up to the highest standard in Europe. It was through Rosenberg that the kikes enjoyed some of the best bagels in the world. It is through his efforts that the kikes of today enjoy such wonderful bagels.

   This is Adolf Eichmann who ensured that the transport of kikes to their holiday destinations ran on time. He did a wonderful job of ensuring that there was enough transport for the hooknosed vacationers and the German Railway timetable worked like clockwork. The railways of today would do well to study his methods so that we of today could also enjoy a reliable public transport system.
   Eichmann was falsely branded a war criminal by the parasite scum of zionist Israel and kidnapped from Argentina and smuggled back to the parasite state where was tried in a kangaroo court, found guilty and murdered by vermin parasite hooknosed hebes. Just shows how ungrateful the kikes are.

   This is Amon Goeth enjoying a little horse riding at one of the holiday resorts. Goeth was a holiday camp administrator of the highest order. This picture shows that it wasn't all work for the German hosts but they did work extremely hard to ensure the kikes had a wonderful time.
   Notice the wagon in the background that is returning to the bakery after delivering a wagonload of bagels to the camp bagel distribution centre. Bagels were fundamental to keeping the hebe vacationers happy, in fact most of the kikes on holiday had never seen so many high quality bagels in their lives.

   This is a portrait picture of the highly decorated WW1 flying ace Hermann Goring.
   Goring was not directly involved with the Holiday Camps although he did make aircraft available at a moment's notice so that kosher flour could be airlifted to any resort in the Reich so that bagels would be available to all the hebe vacationers. This was very necessary as kikes turn suicidal when deprived of bagels and run to the nearest wailing wall to moan about the lack of them.
   He once organized the airlifting of 265,000 bagels to Dachau during one of the rare bagel shortages at that camp. Such was the efficiency that the vacationers there didn't even realize that a bagel crisis had narrowly been averted. In fact this was one of the few time where the Luftwaffe's famous Bagel Bomber Squadron was ever utilized.

   This is Dr Klaus Karl Schilling, a wonderful Doctor who helped to keep the kikes healthy at Dachau. As more and more hebes arrived at Dachua to begin their wonderful free holiday they brought with them typhus infected jewish bodylice. This was a danger to the other holidaymakers and so Dr Schilling organized for the new arrivals to be deloused before the hooknoses could begin their holidays. The kikes resented this as the bodylice were jewish and as such no gentile had the right to fumigate them. After WW2 Dr Schilling was hung as a result of the crime of genocide for his involvement in the fumigation of six million jewish bodylice for which the kikes are now demanding reparations of billions of dollars. The world lost a brilliant humane doctor because of the selfish actions of the zionist victors who persecuted anyone involved in what was probably the most perfect society the world will ever see.

   This is August Eigruber, a holiday resort supervisor in a zionist kangaroo court at the conclusion of WW2.
   This was the fate of many of the resort officials who had worked so hard to ensure that vacationers had such memorable holidays. The kikes were in such a frenzy over the elimination of six million jewish bodylice that they wanted revenge and the zionist were only too willing to provide it via a system of of kangaroo courts such as Nuremberg where the verdicts were predetermined.
   As if this wasn't enough they committed genocide on german prisoners for up to two years after the war by confining the germans to camps where they were subjected to starvation and exposure to the elements. Not one of these stinking scumbag zionist murderers of the German people has ever been brought to trial.