Images of Kikes
on Holiday in the Third Reich.

   Here we see a Talmudic tale teller being taught the finer points of washing a car. This is probably the first time this hebe has got off his arse in a long time, preferring to sit back preaching poisonous Talmudic bullshit and parasiting off the community he resided in.

   The Third Reich were very generous to the minorities that came to enjoy the Holiday Camps. Here we see a specialist Bagel oven built by Topf & Sons typical of many throughout the Holiday Camp system. This ensured that the kikes were not deprived of their kosher bread.
   Hooknosed hebes tend to get very upset if they don't get their bagels for breakfast, it's nearly as bad as being forced to give a low interest loan and can drive a kike to thoughts of suicide and that is the last thing the Third Reich wanted to happen.

   This image shows a group of happy kike women at Ravensbruck taking a leisurely stroll. Such happy times, oi vey!
   Notice how the ladies have been able to obtain the latest in Auschwitz fashion and at below wholesale as well.
   All this luxury whilst the Third Reich were engaged in a war on two fronts that was caused by the greed of the Zionist World bankers, It just goes to show that Adolf Hitler was one of the greatest humanists of all time and should be awarded a posthumous Nobel Prize for services to Humanity.

   Here we have a happy group of Hungarian hebes enjoying the pleasures of The Sobibor Holiday Resort. This image would have been taken on arrival as they have not yet had a chance to go shopping for the latest Auschwitz fashions which kikes snapped up quickly at less than wholesale. The hooknoses really loved those striped clothes. Such hooknosed trend-setters.

   Here we see ReichsfuhrerSS Heinrich Himmler and other high ranking National Socialists inspecting a Holiday Camp. RFSS Himmler was so dedicated to seeing that the holidaymakers' comforts were all that they should be he was constantly touring the resorts making sure that all minorities enjoying the hospitality of the Third Reich were happy. He truly was a saint amongst men.

   Meet Dr Josef Mengele, the Angel of Auschwitz. He had one of the toughest jobs at the Auschwitz Holiday Resort. A lot of the kikes visiting from eastern countries were infested with lice which they brought with them rather than leave at home where the lice may not have been able to fend for themselves. These lice carried typhus and it wasn't long before there was an epidemic throughout the Holiday resort. Dr Mengele tried to have these lice exterminated despite the protestations of the jews who insisted that the lice were family. This is where the myth of the holocaust was born, Six Million body lice did die in fumigation chambers and as they were jewish body lice the kikes looked upon it as genocide.

   This they have exploited as an extortion racket, using it to steal land from the Palestinians and to coerce billions of dollars from Germany which is now a vassal state under Zionist control. They also hit the Swiss banks and are even trying to extort money from French Railway Companies. That is a lot of tax free profit from Six Million Body lice. It must be understood that the lice had to be eradicated as the Third Reich had to consider the health of other guests such as Gypos, faggots, commies, Polacks and Russians. The hebes never caught up with Dr Mengele, he was found after his death, buried in Argentina many years after the Zionist victory of WW2. One day the wonderful efforts of this great human being will be internationally recognized.

   Krystallnacht: This incident was caused by the hebe assassination of a German Diplomat. The lone kike working on the orders of Zionists shot and murdered a German Diplomat with that citizens all over Germany went on a rampage smashing kike property. Emotions were running high within the German community as they could not understand why the hebes had done this after the Third Reich had done so much for the hooknosed community. The reaction is perfectly understandable and the police of the Third Reich soon had things under control. They even forgave the yids for the assassination.