Yet More Images of the Holiday Camps of the
Third Reich.

   This is a picture of the main street at the Auschwitz Holiday Camp. Here hooknosed hebes from all over Europe would mingle and discuss the bargains they had purchased from the various kikes enterprises that were available. Or they could chat about the latest in striped fashions over a bagel that was baked in the state of the art bagel ovens that existed in all the Holiday camps. Yes the kikes certainly had it good at these Third Reich Holiday Establishments.

   These happy hebe women are so grateful to be employed by Rosenbaum's Shoe Repair Factory at Ravensbruck Holiday Camp and Industrial Centre. The Third Reich certainly did their best to ensure that any kike who wished to be employed could be. All enterprises were 100% kosher owned by a hebe.
   It is truly remarkable that the Third Reich allowed the kike to control most of the business within the Holiday Camp system but was inline with their policy of keeping the holdaymakers as happy as possible given the wartime conditions.

   This is an external view of the Majdanek Epstein and Co.'s Bagel Bakery which helped supply the ever hungry hordes that took advantage of the free holidays. Kikes become very unhappy and angry if they are deprived of their daily bagels.
   Bagel production was kept running at a maximum to ensure this could never happen and Epstein's Majdanek bagels were known to be the best in Europe.

 These Bagel ovens were the at the cutting edge of bagel technology of the times, the Third Reich ensured that bagel production would be kept up to the demands of the hungry holidaymakers by utilizing the best bagel productions methods and the yid bakers even commented that they had never made bagels in such modern conditions or such quantities. The Majdanek Bagel Bakery inspired that classic jewish rock song "Keep on Bageling".

   The hebes also controlled the clothing industry in the Holiday Camps. Here we see a selection of kike high fashion which was popular among all who spent a holiday in the resorts. Even the gypos, faggots and Polacks wore these wonderful jewish fashions although they paid a hell of a lot more for them than other kikes as the yids paid less than wholesale as is the jewish custom.

   This is a stockpile of shoes at the Rubenstein Shoe Company's Ravensbruck shoe factory awaiting packaging and shipment to the other Holiday Camps throughout the Greater Reich.
   Like the clothing business, the shoe trade is in expert hands when run by the scheming yid. The consumers at such wonderful camps as Auschwitz, Dachau etc. were really getting top line footwear at crazy knockdown prices from the hebe retailers that traded there.

   This image shows some of the German staff of the Belzec Holiday Retreat for Deprived Jews being given orders for the day that will help to give the holidaymakers a more happy and pleasant stay. "It makes my day if I can make a hebe smile" said Hauptman Helmut Schiller of the Belzec SS Tour guide Squad. This attitude to do the best possible for the holiday makers is typical of all SS staff.

   Here we have Heinrich Himmler inspecting the conditions at the Ravensbruck Holiday Camp. The Reichsfuhrer was relentless in his pursuit of maintaining the happiness of the camp holidaymakers. It was on Himmler's order that Bagel production be stepped up and quality maintained so that the hebes would be happy at mealtimes. He argued successfully at the Wanasee Conference that more kosher flour be made available for the hebes even though Germany was at war with the Zionist forces of the world.