More Third Reich
Holiday Camp Pictures.

   Here is a picture of happy hebes enjoying a smoke break in the fresh air of the Buchenwald Holiday facility which was built to ensure that kikes from all over Europe would be able to enjoy the free holiday packages provided by the Benevolent Third Reich.
   Many European yids took advantage of this scheme as the cost appealed to them i.e. it was free and where there is a freebie you'll be sure to find a kike, kind of like the way shit attracts flies.

   This image is of some very happy kikes indulging in some gardening at Flossenburg. The hooknosed parasites find gardening very relaxing and the Third Reich spared no expense in assisting the hebe gardening enthusiasts in pursuing their horticultural enjoyments.
   Of course these gardening projects had the benefit of beautifying the grounds of the Holiday Camps, in fact the Third Reich awarded prizes to the leisure resort with the most attractive gardens.

   Even the kikes at Ravensbruck (a women's only Holiday Camp) the yids pursued gardening with a passion. So much so they finished runners-up in the Greater Reich Holiday Camp Gardening Contest in 1943.
   The hooknosed ones also grew vegetables as well as flowers with Rachael Rosenberg growing the largest pumpkin in the Greater Reich at Ravensbruck in 1944, it weighed 31 kilograms. She was awarded a prize of 20 marks and a certificate of merit for this outstanding piece of horticulture.

   This image is of a queue of kikes waiting to get free tickets to one of the free Holiday Camps. Such was the appeal of the Holiday Camps that the jews flocked to obtain the free tickets to such wonderlands as Auschwitz, Treblinka, Buchenwald and a host of other wonderful Holiday Retreats provided by the generous Third Reich. The Germans didn't even have to offer free bagels or gefilte fish to get the yids interested in these free and educational holidays.

   This image is of kikes on holiday proudly wearing the suits they have purchased from Morris the Jew Quality Tailoring Company of Auschwitz. This company had a monopoly on the clothing business within the Third Reich Holiday Camp system. Monopolies fall in with yid business practices but when dealing with other kikes less than wholesale is charged. On the other hand if a gentile wanted to purchase one of these fine garments he would be charged up to 300% over retail. This is how the hebes conduct business.

   At Buchenwald and a few of the other resorts unskilled yids were taught a trade which would benefit them after their luxurious holiday was completed. This kike is being trained as a bagel oven attendant, a job which your average hebe would deem beneath him/her self. The Germans attempted to rectify this attitude and make unskilled kikes productive and worthwhile members of society, an undertaking which proved impossible but they should be applauded for undertaking such a venture.

   Well things change over time. McDonalds now have a hamburger restaurant where happy kikes at Mauthausen on holiday used used dine at Helmut Schmidt's Sauerkraut and Whoopee Emporium. Schmidt's went out of business just after the zionist forces occupied Germany turning it into a vassal state of Israel and under which bondage they still suffer. Germans today are taught to feel guilt which is used to extort finance for the evil kikes. Instead Germans have much to be proud of. Adolf Hitler should be revered in his adopted fatherland, not despised as the hebes preach. May the day come soon when National Socialism returns to this once great land and its proud people and the zionist puppets removed from this planet. (Note: McDonalds do a mean McKikeburger in Mauthausen, a quarter pound of yid on a sesame seed bagel.)