Juden Vacationers.

   These are happy kikes waiting to be shown to their chalets at the Auschwitz Holiday Camp. They are really looking forward to a free bagel and some chicken soup (made with kosher chickens of course). The hebes really jumped at the chance of a free Third Reich vacation. This is probably the first vacation that the young hooknoses had ever taken in their lives.

   Here we see the Auschwitz Holiday Camp Orchestra playing an outdoor recital for kike holidaymakers. The Orchestra was world class and would have been enough in itself to attract any music loving hebe to sign up for a free holiday.
   A lot of world class hebe musicians signed up for the prestige of being a member of the Reichfamous Orchestra describing the experience as a "chance of a lifetime that was not to be missed." I wonder if they played "Classical Gas"?

   Here we see three happy hebes in their new striped suits which were purchased below wholesale. The kikes really went wild for these striped fashions. It was one of the hebe's first purchases at the famous Auschwitz market and was a real status symbol amongst the hooknosed community.
   These three certainly look pleased with the bargain they have just got and are probably now off to dine on bagels and chicken soup and show off their new suits to the rest of the holidaymakers.

   Here we have a group of happy hooknosed holidaymakers cheering for joy as they have just been told that there is to be a Bagel Bake and Sauerkraut Party to be held with doorprizes of the latest striped fashion garments.
   The hebes really looked forward to events like this and they were a regular event at most of the Holiday Resorts. Nothing like a good feed of bagels and sauerkraut after a hard day's bargain hunting at the Auschwitz open market.

   This is a picture of the Auschwitz Bagel and Sauerkraut Company's premises where bagels and sauerkraut was manufactured for the consumption of the resort's hooknosed holidaymakers. The Auschwitz Bagel and Sauerkraut company was 100% hebe owned which appealed to the holidaymakers as it meant any shekels spent remained in kike hands. If there is one thing yids like more than bagels it is money.

   This picture shows a milling throng of kikes embarking on a train to travel to one of the holiday resorts. All hebes travelled kikeclass and at the expense of the Third Reich, even the travel to the resort was free, oy vey! such a deal.
   Never in the history of kikedom has so much been given for free than the free holidays provided by the Third Reich and I believe now would be a good time to re-introduce the same holiday opportunities for our hooknosed friends. It would not cost all that much for western governments to re-open these wonderful recreation camps. Maybe the Fourth Reich will provide the hebes with same opportunity.

  Here are two of the men that the kikes owe an eternal debt of gratitude for without the dedicated hard work put in by these two and others the Holiday Resorts would not have been built and hence millions of kikes would not have been able to enjoy free vacations at Third Reich expense. The world would be a much better place if men of similar ilk were to continue the good work of these men.
   What a wonderful sight it would be to see happy hebes singing Shalom Arbeit Macht Frei to a world class orchestra or to see them dining on bagels at Mauthausen or one of the many other resorts which were built by the Third Reich and sadly destroyed by the evil zionists. Now is the time to overthrow the yoke of ZOG and rebuild these camps so that once again the hooknoses can have free vacations.

   Here we have kike holiday attendants directing holidaymakers who have just arrived. The attendants assisted the SS in making sure the resort ran smoothly and that the holidaying hebes thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
  They were a great source of information such as where the best bargains in striped fashions could be purchased or the where the best bagels could be obtained. They really assisted the holidaymakers to settle into the resorts.