Assorted Images of
Kikes in the Third Reich.

   Whilst this is not a Third Reich image it gives the viewer an insight into the strange behaviour of the hooknosed parasite. It is a picture of hooknosed yids at the "wailing wall" in East Jerusalem which is the Palestinian section of the old city although kike police control who comes and goes there.
    Here the yids come to moan and wail about lack of profits and poor quality bagels. They sure miss the high quality bagels that were provided in the holiday resorts of the Third Reich and the free holidays as well. Maybe soon the holiday camps can be re-opened and the ovens fired up once again, I certainly hope so.

   Here we see members of the world class Buchenwald Kike Band practising for the Holiday "Battle of the Bands" contest. Although Auschwitz consistently won this competition Buchenwald finished in the top five from 1940 to 1945 and were awarded extra bagels for their efforts. Here they are seen playing Classical Gas which became a hebe favourite. English "Punk" band The Sex Pistols had a hit with the revival of an old Buchenwald favourite called "Belsen was a Gasser" back in the 1970's.

   Here we see the true heroism of the German soldier, they are assisting kike holidaymakers to evacuate due to a Zionist allied bombing raid. Notice the friendly waves the hebes are giving to the photographer. The Zionists would go to any length to interrupt the European kikes from enjoying their free Third Reich holidays complete with free high quality bagels.

   This picture shows vacationers at Ohrdruff being entertained by Bozo the Clown in his inflatable overcoat. Such visits were very often impromptu and were designed to give the holidaymakers a good laugh which they often did. More often than not free bagels would be distributed by the buffoon in the inflatable overcoat who kept his coat inflated by eating lots of baked beans whilst a tube was attached to his arse and to a valve inside the coat. Nothing like natural inflation. Notice the smile on the buffoon's face, he has probably just let one rip.

   Here we see five kike intellectuals proudly displaying their new striped suits complete with matching caps. The hebes were really taken with the striped clothing and it was all the rage in the holiday resorts. It is no wonder other kikes wanted to be seen in stripes after seeing such eminent people as these five wearing the Auschwitz "latest."

   Here we see a crowd patiently waiting outside a Berlin Bagel outlet. There is going to be a bagel sale with all bagels going out at half price. The German officials are there to make sure that everything is done in an orderly fashion so that no one is injured the rush to purchase the bargain bagels.
   The bagel bargain-hunters look pretty happy and peaceful so it shouldn't have been much of a problem for the officials although you never know with kikes and bagels.