Kike Windchimes.

   This has got to be a first, hooknosed parasites all strung up instead of strung out. Hung nigger pictures have been done before but hanging hebes? Scroll down and enjoy. :)

   These hebe criminals were caught dealing in the black market and were turned into windchimes as a result. Penalties during war time are strict and these kikes should have taken a free holiday at one of the Holiday Camps but were unable to resist the temptation to make money by ripping off the general populace. Under the Third Reich crime certainly didn't pay.

   These swinging kikes are from Hungary, kind of ironic having two hung hebes from Hungary.
   They say Niggers are well hung, well the pictures on this page show that the yids are also well hung. :)
   Hungary sure was a swinging place for the hooknosed tribe during WW2, maybe they will see swinging times again real soon. Jews are always hanging out, normally to make money.
   One thing these two parasites don't have to worry about is taxes, the bane of the kike businessman.
   I wonder if these two had hangnails.

   Another picture to bring joy to any proud white person. The world will remain as a place infested with filth whilst the evil kike controls the finances of the world.
   Zionism and the pernicious kike are a threat to the existence not only to the purity of the white race but also to the lesser races as they encourage race mixing in order to achieve their grand scheme of world domination.
   A good length of rope is an excellent solution to the plans of the evil Zionists.
   I suppose we could view these images as "Soap on a Rope" in a pre-processed state.

   These hanging hebes are posing for a photograph, nothing like a good holiday snap for the family album.
   These pictures sure make a nice change from swinging niggers, and furthermore are a solution to the Turd World entities that are flooding into Western Nations at the behest of the kike as part of their overall plan to dominate us. String up the hebes and our race will survive.

   This is the last image in this series of jewish windchimes. It would be nice to have some more preferably taken more recently, hopefully that day will be soon when the white race wakes up to what this parasitic race of sub humans is up to. The day will arrive soon before we, the inventors, the creators are hounded into extinction by the talmudic devils.
   The kike, by encouraging race mixing is not only eliminating the white race, he is also destroying the coons, the spics and the gooks. This menacing plan should also be resisted by the muds for they will be doomed also. The only one to benefit from race mixing is the stinking jew.