or the

Night of the Jewish Stocktake.

   This page will show just how insidious the jew is. According to the yid version of history Krystallnacht was a night when honest law abiding Germans ran amok burning and destroying kike property within the Reich. The reality of what happened is that the jews had organized a massive insurance fraud and stood to collect billions from the insurance companies. The aims of this were twofold, (1) To extract a handsome profit from the over insured buildings and businesses and (2) To cause the collapse of the German insurance industry. One thing the hebes are good at is making "Jewish Lightning" strike where they want it to. The jewish Stocktake is a very profitable practice for the hooknosed  kikes.

   Here we see assembled a lot of kikes suspected of arson on "Krystallnacht". A lot of these fraudulent hebes were freed and later went on to enjoy a memorable vacation free of charge at one of the many Third Reich Holiday Resorts such as Auschwitz. In the end this kike attempt at sabotaging the German economy failed and the Germans justifiably fined the hebe community for this outrageous crime.

   This kike shop was vandalized and looted so its hooknosed owners could claim insurance. However the German Government was awake to what the kikes had planned en mass and insurance payments were withheld and the hebe community heavily fined in this attempt to destroy the German Insurance industry. Just how the Red Sea Pedestrians intended to get away with such an audacious fraud is incredible as it stuck out like dog's balls what they were up to.

   Here we have the burnt out remains of a kike synagogue on which they hoped to collect millions of Deutschmarks from their German insurance company in the hope of making a huge profit from the over inflated policy and also send the company into bankruptcy.
   Insurance fraud by fire is certainly one of the trademark schemes used by the parasitic kike in his quest to make a profit and is a practice that the yid still uses to this very day. It is known as a Jewish Stocktake or sometimes as Jewish Lightning and most insurance companies are very wary of claims by kikes that involve a fire and who can blame them.

   This image shows a long line of hooknosed kikes queuing up at a Police Station in the hope of getting their insurance claims processed. Crowds like this occurred all over the Reich on the morning of the day after "The Night of the Jewish Stock Take" and even included claims for businesses that had never even existed.
   It certainly was good for Germany that the National Socialist government was awake to the hebe scam which could have meant financial ruin of the insurance industry and would have caused serious problems in the National economy. After this attempt of sabotage the jews were quite content to take a free vacation and with the assistance of the Free Bagel Program never attempted to financially ruin Germany from within again. However the kike zionist forces outside of Germany had other ideas.

   Just like Army Ants we see yet another column of kikes on their way to the insurance office in an attempt to fraudulently claim insurance on property damaged by jewish lightning. These scenes were rampant all over Germany and it could have ruined Germany but for the alertness of the German authorities.
   The zionists were very disappointed that the jewish lightning scheme failed and that Germany's hebes were beginning to flock to the Third Reich Holiday Resorts complete with free bagels so they pressured the western governments whom they controlled financially to wage a fratricidal war on Germany quite unjustly.

   Another view of ruins of a synagogue, yet another victim of The Night of the Jewish Stock Take.

   Yet another picture of a synagogue undergoing the jewish barbecue process in aid of the kike insurance fraud scam. Scenes like this occurred all over Germany when the kikes torched nearly all the property and businesses they owned. Only the devious hebe could come up with such a plan.
   Oh well Moshe the Germans didn't buy it but nice try, it cost you lots of shekels but the Great Bagel wasn't smiling on you that November night was he? It was left to the zionist scum outside Germany to bring down the greatest form of government that was ever devised. But here is a message for you hebe parasites...We are still here and you will never defeat us, next time your scheme for world domination will be eradicated for good.