Parasites in the
Third Reich.

   This image is of Adolf Hitler after a speech given at Nuremberg on the dangers that the parasite kikes posed to the civilized world.
   Adolf Hitler was the Greatest Leader of the civilized world in the twentieth century, he had the foresight to see the evil intentions of the parasitic kikes and realized that they intended to attempt to take over the world with their control of the world economy through their ownership of the world's financial institutions which they obtained by swindles, usury and other unsavoury practices which are the hallmark of the jewish race.
   He realized early on that the jew was the single greatest threat to civilization in the history of the world and threw all of his available resources into the fight against these vile creatures.

   Here we see hooknosed parasite kikes being escorted through Warsaw on their way to a Third Reich Holiday camp. Soon these hebes will be wearing the striped fashions of Auschwitz and living it up at such great facilities such as Auschwitz, Treblinka or Dachau. Maybe they would be fortunate enough to meet "Bonecrusher" Goldberg at Chelmno and get his autograph. These sure were exciting times for Europe's yids.

   Here we see more Polack yids on their way to catch a train to begin their wonderful free holiday. Notice they have have their hands raised in response to the question "Who wants free bagels?" In an instant all hands are raised at the prospect of getting something for nothing, the fact that it is bagels makes the response instantaneous. The parasitic jew cannot resist a freebie.

   Here we have a picture of two young parasites, the one on the left is just finishing a bagel. Bagels were plentiful even though there was a war raging.
   The other young kike is probably dreaming of when he can go on his free holiday to Auschwitz where he will get to wear those wonderful striped clothes like all the other fashion setting hebes.
   He knows full well he will have so much fun in the Adventure Playground of Auschwitz and may be even lucky enough to take a train ride to Majdanek to sample the famous quality bagels that were made there. Oy Vey! he can almost taste those bagels now fresh from the oven.

   Here is another family snap of two infant yids, both proudly wearing the kike star. Possession of the hebe star on their clothing would qualify them for a door prize at Auschwitz where they could win a dozen bagels. Such a deal.
   These young parasites would be so thrilled with the train ride which would take them to Auschwitz where they would be able to meet and play with thousands of other young hooknosed kikes. The little shysters would be in heaven or whatever is the chosenites' equivalent. Yes the Third Reich sure gave the yids a good deal during WW2.

   Here we have some elderly jews who have just purchased some bologna to take with them on their free holiday and are now on their way home to pack for their "Third Reich Holiday of a Lifetime" with free bagels of course. They are so excited at the prospect of a holiday at Auschwitz they can hardly wait to get there and are lucky the German official doesn't reprimand them for speeding. They are certainly "Off like a jew's foreskin."

   This picture shows kikes being evacuated by the Germans during a Zionist ordered Allied bombing raid. The Zionists were so jealous that the hebes of Europe were enjoying free holidays in the Third Reich's luxurious resorts and eating lots of high quality bagels and Sauerkraut that they organized for them to be bombed by countries over whom they had (and still do) control.

   Here we see two members of the Munich Public Health Squad standing guard at the entrance of the Munich outlet of Bernstein's Bagel Bakery and Loan Company after it was discovered that it was selling contaminated bagels which constituted a public health menace. Whilst Germans are fastidiously clean the same cannot be said for the hooknosed kikes, after all it was the yids from the east who brought the typhus carrying body lice with them to the holiday resorts.
   It is small wonder that the East European tried to bring their body lice with them as they are both parasites and tend to stick together. More often than not where you find a yid you will find body lice.

   While the hebes of today carry on with their fiction which was the holohoax which they use for extortion purposes a real holocaust did occur last century. Over sixty million white people were murdered under the jew controlled communist Russian government. Make no mistake, communism is as jewish as bagels and matzos and they used their power in communist Russia to further their plan of eliminating the Great White Race.
   Whilst communism may have gone from Russia the kike plan of Aryan Genocide remains as does their desire to control the world. This is why the evil hebe must be stopped NOW before it is too late. It is time for all White People everywhere to wake up and remove this parasitic menace which threatens our very existence.

 Even though the evil communist yids of Russia were planning the destruction of the human race, Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich remained humane to the end. Instead of taking reprisals against the hooknosed ones they gave them free holidays instead with free bagels and the best shower facilities of the day. In fact the ablution facilities at Auschwitz are still world famous to this very day. Here we see Holiday makers at the Sachsenhausen Resort tucking into a good meal of kosher pork and bagels and boy are they wolfing it down. Most will go back for seconds and thirds as these meals were both high quality and free. One day the world will waken up to the jewish lies and Adolf Hitler and the other leaders of the Third Reich will take their place amongst the Greatest Human Beings of all time while the criminal vermin who murdered so many at the kangaroo courts of Nuremberg will be cast down into the cesspool of vermin where they belong.