Holiday Camp & Health Spa.

   Holidays at Auschwitz, the chosenites had a ball at the Auschwitz Holiday Camp & Health Spa as well as other various recreation establishments provided by the Third Reich.

   This is a view of the entrance to Auschwitz Holiday Camp and Health Spa taken in summer. It was here that kikes enjoyed a life of luxury and fun during WW2. They had football fields, a swimming pool, library and a world class orchestra not to mention the first class health facilities supervised by such eminent doctors as Dr Mengele who took such a passionate personal interest in the health of the hooknosed holidaymakers.

   The bunk style sleeping accommodation was designed to give camp patrons a sense of togetherness and was very successful in installing this quality into the hebe clientele.
   The kikes couldn't really complain about the sleeping accomodation as the stay at the holiday camp was at no cost to themselves though given the disposition of yids it is no wonder they are moaning about it these days. There is nothing like a kike in the whole world that likes a good moan.

   Here we have a family of kikes enjoying a stroll in the sun at the Auschwitz Holiday Camp & Health Spa. Nothing could beat a leisurely stroll through the Auschwitz grounds while the sun was shining and this family is taking full advantage of it.
   Note the absence of the friendly SS staff who were there to assist the holidaymakers although the family would have no problem finding one if they required the assistance of one. The SS staff were probably busy working hard to make the camp experience as enjoyable as possible for the hooknosed parasites.

   Here we have a group of sheenies assembled for early morning physical exercise. The Germans went out of their way ensure the yids were assisted in maintaining a healthy body which is in line with one of the tenets of National Socialism, after all a healthy body is a healthy mind which is a concept not really appreciated by the perfidious kike.
   As we well know the jew prefers to profit the easy way and so they attempt to avoid anything too physical, preferring to get a gentile to do tasks that are physically demanding. The Germans however attempted to change this yiddish concept and they would have succeeded through their system of holiday camps and health spas but for the interference of the zionist armies that unjustly went to war with Germany.

   Here we have a four eyed hooknosed hebe selling a souvenir to a visiting US serviceman. The holiday camp system attempted to teach the kikes how to conduct business without excessive profits so that they would not bleed humans dry. This is one aspect of the system that failed as the kike today is more money hungry than ever as witnessed with the Six Million Lies scam that they are operating today.

   This picture shows a kike complementing another on his new suit which was made at Auschwitz by Morris the Jew Fine Tailors.
   Yids have always been involved in the clothing industry and remain so to this day. They had a complete monopoly on the business in Auschwitz which really assisted them to learn to trade with a captive consumer base. The same practices are still in use by the jews of today.
   Just take a look at the clothing industry in your country today, you will find kikes at the cutting edge of it. This shows the benefits in business that the Germans instilled into the parasites and how they were quick to pick up on the idea of monopolized profits.
   Yes when it comes to making profits there is no one who can outdo a kike using his time honoured method of usury and monopolies.