The Holiday Camp for Kikes.

Welcome to Auschwitz, a Holiday Camp provided by the Third Reich and heavily patronized by the kikes. Yids from all over Europe came to visit this wonderful establishment with its swimming pool, football fields, library and even a world class Orchestra. They were allowed to stay for free as well which given the chosenites' propensity for obtaining things as cheap as possible it was small wonder they jumped at the chance for a free holiday. "Such a Deal."

There is no better way to attract the sheenies than to provide entertainment. Nothing like a good disco complete with naked gogo dancers. Hebes are well into this form of entertainment, just take a look at the crap Hollywood churns out. But it was not only entertainment that was provided at Auschwitz for kikes, Business Opportunities were provided as well so the Yids would feel right at home as we shall see.

Hooknosed parasites in the shoe industry were right at home at Auschwitz with amazing deals available for footwear. Prices were cheaper than wholesale which really appealed to the hebes in the shoe business. Here we see holidaymakers at Auschwitz selecting footwear at "Schlomo's Kosher Shoe Stall" at Auschwitz which they could get at knockdown prices. Such a Deal.

Kike Opticians had a field day at Auschwitz as well with the market cornered by Heime's Opticals International. Glasses were marketed at lower than wholesale thus providing short-sighted yids with the incentive to visit Auschwitz for a holiday. The prices were unbeatable with a large amount of stock available. The kikes have a good eye for a bargain. No better deal could be had in glasses than Heime's Optics in all of Europe, not to mention the world. The Germans provided the kikes with business opportunities like this despite the fact that World Kikedom had declared an economic boycott on Germany in 1932, such is Aryan generosity and do you think the yids were grateful? The answer is yes and no.

In the answer No, all the kikes could do and still do to this day is whinge about a myth called the Holocaust. The myth of the six million. Deaths did occur at the holiday camps but it was no fault of the Germans. The jews caused the western allies to take up arms against Germany because of the latter's success in economic independence, kikes like to control the world economy and Germany provided a threat to their monopoly. Allied bombing coupled with a naval blockade prevented supplies from reaching the holiday camps and combined with typhus which was imported with yids from the east who came to the camps for a free holiday it was inevitable that an epidemic would break out. The blame for this can be levelled at the feet of the allies and their Zionist masters.

As a consequence of the allied bombing, deaths at the holiday camps were inevitable and so the German Government spared no expense in providing the latest in crematory facilities. Yet despite this magnanimous gesture the kikes conjured up a story that they were being systematically exterminated, an outrageous lie against their benevolent hosts who were maintaining a war on two fronts at the time, a war caused by the jews themselves with their Bolshevik doctrines and greed to control the world.

In the yid answer Yes to Aryan Generosity, the forward thinking hebe saw a way to profit from the Lie of the six million. Extortion to be used in the future for the cause of kikedom and World Domination. This they have pursued relentlessly. first the Israeli vassal state of Germany, the Swiss Banks and more victims are planned by the ungrateful parasites.

Arbeit Macht Frei- Work Makes Free. Unfortunately the kike has an aversion to manual labour, preferring to parasite off a host. This is the reason that anti-Semitism has been maintained through the ages and the hebes never learn. The removal of the kike from the planet certainly would be of great benefit to humankind, we certainly would not miss them bleeding our hard won earnings from us, yet with their control of western governments this will not be an easy task.

If you were to believe the sheenies this picture depicts a miracle, they claim that it is a picture of gaschamber victims being burned in open pits. If correct it is indeed a miracle because the watertable at Auschwitz lies just one metre below the surface and so if the hebe's claim is true then the Germans had achieved the impossible art of fire under water. The real explanation for this picture is that kikes on holiday are lying around enjoying an open air sauna provided by the benevolent Germans.

Here we have a happy bunch of kikes who are thoroughly enjoying themselves at the Auschwitz Holiday Camp and Health Spa. All this at the expense of the Third Reich, such a deal. Yes Germany was really generous with the hebe parasite, providing them with unsurpassed facilities whilst fighting a war on two fronts against the forces of evil. It goes to show the nature of the nasty jew in that they have totally twisted what happened at the holiday camps into the hoax of the six million and are using the lies to bilk billions of dollars from hardworking Aryan nations and companies throughout the world.