Everyday Images
of Yids in the Third Reich.

   Here we see a happy group of yids moving into their holiday accommodations, notice the kike bint in the foreground supervising the henpecked hebe males doing the heavy work. Jew bints never travel light when on holiday as you can see by the load on the wagon. Somewhere in this pile there is probably a kitchen sink and maybe even a shitter.

   This is a group of happy hooknosed holidaymakers are being assisted on a ferry across the River Vistula on there way to their holiday accommodations by ever willing German tour guides.
   The Germans had everything organized right down to the last bagel so that the kikes could thoroughly enjoy their trip, be it to Auschwitz, Ravensbruck or one of the many holiday facilities that the Germans built to make sure the hooknosed parasites really enjoyed their free vacations.

   More happy hebes on the move to a holiday resort, as in the first image you can see the kike never travels without its creature comforts which were extorted from white people through shifty business deals and excessive interest rates.
   This is how the parasite kike makes his money, he will never rip off a fellow hebe on pain of getting his arse kicked by a Talmudic Torahthumper. Hebes look after their own and screw everybody else.

   This is one happy hebe signing up for a Grand Tour Package taking in Auschwitz, Belsen, Majdanek and Treblinka Holiday Resorts and all for free at the expense of the German taxpayer, oy vey such a deal.
   Yids just can't resist a free deal and when bagels and the opportunity to purchase kike high fashion at below wholesale it is small wonder that hebes in their millions from all over Europe signed up for these packaged holiday deals.

   These two German Holiday Officials are assisting this family of kikes with directions to their holiday chalet. The hebes were very lucky that the Germans took such an interest in detail so that the hooknoses wouldn't get lost.
   These hebes certainly look like they are looking forward to an enjoyable holiday at the Treblinka Winter Holiday Resort in Poland, a resort the kikes regarded as a winter wonderland.

   Here we see a hebe ordering extra bagels for breakfast, note the German Holiday Guide's attention to detail in recording how many dozen the kike requires. The other German is recording whether the kike wants any matzos.
   Hebes love bagels and tend to get suicidal without them, luckily Majdanek bagels were famous throughout the Greater Reich so the kikes had little to fear in that regard.

   This hapless group of hebes appears to have lost themselves, luckily for them there is a German Holiday Guide around to assist them to their holiday accommodations. Trust German efficiency to save the kike's day.
   Soon these hooknosed kikes will be sitting around laughing and stuffing themselves with lots of fresh bagels.

   This is an image of kike employees that work for Bronstein's Firewood Supply Inc. in Warsaw, Poland. They are breaking up furniture they have obtained from Poles at knockdown prices and which will be resold back to them at extortionate rates as firewood.
   Yids are very clever when it comes to moneymaking schemes at the expense of gentiles. The above is only one of the many scams that the kike came up with in Poland to get their hands on the poor Polack's hard earned zlotys.

   Here we see a hebe door to door salesman trying to sell an Auschwitz High Fashion striped suit that he purchased from a jewish Auschwitz fashionhouse. The striped fashions were very popular amongst the elite of the hooknosed community and they would have been prepared to pay above retail for them, however kikes look after their own and so most paid less than wholesale as is per jewish custom.
   Gentiles would have had to pay a mark-up of at least 250% retail to obtain the same High Class Striped fashion garments, this is how the insidious parasite jew makes his money.
   The effect is the gentiles are used to subsidize sales to other kikes who enjoy enormous benefits by purchasing their requirements from within the yid community. Yes, the kike community sure looks after its own at the expense of others – the trademark of a parasite.

   Here we have examples of the hebe fashions that have been preserved for posterity. Even the yids of today would pay through the nose to get their hands on these high quality striped fashion garments that were so popular in the time of the Third Reich.
   It is a wonder that the kikes who control the fashion houses of today have not hit on the idea of remaking these suits and making a killing as I am sure the yid of today would probably have the same passion for wearing the striped garments.

   Here we have a group of happy hooknosed gardeners being observed by some German tour guides. Hebes love to enjoy horticultural pursuits, it's their favourite pastime next to murdering arabs, they seem to have quite a talent for growing oranges.
   On the business front the kike likes to extort money from gentiles using any method possible. They control drug, prostitution rackets all over the world not to mention the white slave trade where Eastern European white women are sold as slaves in the Middle East and Asia. The British have a saying about the jew – Where there's a quid you'll find a Yid.