Evil Zionist Kikes.

   Here we see a group of ungrateful parasite jews in a displaced persons' camp. They are protesting at not being allowed to steal Palestine from the arabs who had lived there for over 2000 years. After WW1 the kikes solicited the Balfour Declaration from the British in which the British promised the zionist parasites a homeland in Palestine even though they had no right legal or moral to do so. The hooknosed tribe engineered the second world war to produce this eventuality and the zionists occupied Palestine in 1947 committing many genocidal massacres of innocent Palestinians and British occupying troops.

   Here we see a group of parasitic hebe youth on the march in support of a kike invasion of Palestine. This stinking breed of hooknose wants to rule the world, they are not happy with just dispossessing the Palestinian arabs of their homeland, the kike wants the world. He already owns most of the western world's financial institutions and the mass media companies. Through these the kike can bring down governments and brainwash the masses into accepting the hebe viewpoint.

   This is Nahum Goldmann (with pipe) one of the leaders of the zionist movement who along with others such as Ben Gurion organized terror tactics against the British and the dispossessed arabs of Palestine against whom the parasitic zionist yids perpetrated many genocidal massacres which are still ongoing today over fifty years later. These hooknosed vermin should have been stopped in their tracks there and then and a lot of the trouble in the middle east would have been prevented. It would have been so if the Germans had been supported by their Aryan brothers who had fallen under the spell of the deceitful zionist kikes before WW2.

   This is another group picture of zionist vermin taken before the murderous hooknosed zionist invaded Palestine to carry out their genocidal policies on the hapless Palestinians.
   Do you think the nasty stinking kike will stop at Palestine? Take a look around you and see how the kikes encourage the youth of today to race mix with niggers and other third world muds. The yids are making a fortune encouraging white kids of today to impersonate the blue gummed bubble lipped apes. This is all done by the evil kike, they are masters of persuasion especially if they can smell a dollar in it as well as achieving their own agenda of world domination.
   White people take action now, boycott anything that the kikes have any hand in. From Disney to CNN, any product that the manufacturer has paid the kosher tax on, Boycott it now and send a message back to the thieving kike that you have had enough. Assist the Palestinians and any other group of people who are suffering at the hands of these parasites. Help make this a kikefree world today.

   Here we have another group of hooknosed parasites who after having spent WW2 in the luxury of a free vacation in one of the Third Reich's wonderful holiday resorts now want to invade Palestine and persecute the rightful owners of that country. Write to your governments and demand that they refuse to recognize Israel as a state and to cut off any trade and/or diplomatic relations with the evil parasitic hebes. Do it now, Do it today and let the kikes know they will never achieve their evil scheme to control the world.